We are motivated by one simple idea. The church (that’s collectively and personally) is dying in America. Christians are losing influence and relevance, and society is worse for it. We believe the church should have a strong, clear voice in every communication arena. That means taking our core ministries, missions, and messages and funneling them through the most effective and efficient communication channels.

The internet provides a great opportunity for us to deliver our messages, further expand our ministries, and inspire folks to go on mission with us. At Media Matchstick, we want to help you increase your influence by delivering a site that brings missional clarity and access for those interested in your ministry.

If you’ll allow us, we’d love to partner with you!


Antwuan Malone
Antwuan MaloneFounder/Chief Web Designer


All of the above. These are my passions, and in the proper order. My calling is to young Christians. I believe the local church is meant to be the manifestation of God — a community of persons and groups who provide tangible proof that God both exists and cares for humanity. I believe young Christians can and will blaze the trail to a revival of God’s church.

Of course, churches don’t have budgets for Young Adult Pastors (yet), so in the meantime, websites are my “tents.” But know this. When we partner together for your web design needs, you are supporting my ministry and bringing a great benefit to your own ministry. It’s win-win-win all the way around!